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Francis Davila

Born in Guatemala City, this 29 year old, began his career as a Dj and producer in 1998. His first approach to the electronic music scene was when he started performing his live act with a set of synthesizers and samplers in night clubs and raves. Weekend after weekend, he made his name renowned, becoming a strong foundation for the scene.

As he became more experienced with his live act performance, he was exposed to the sound of house music and made it his own. He travelled to the US, and got influenced by San Francisco's music scene. He got in touch with the djing culture and its magic, and that's when he found out, that he wanted to be part of it.

Francis Davila is also recognized in the latin world as one of the best performer and producer in the electronic music scene, and has been named by the world famous German DJ, Paul Van Dyk, as "one of his favorite DJs".

His music has been played and mixed by some of the most popular Djs around the world, and many of his songs have remained for long periods of time in the Top-10 most requested songs on radio stations in Guatemala. He had successful international releases through various record labels.